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Sounds like THUNDER at THUNDER ELITE!  We are not talking about the weather, we are talking about the sound of cheering, gymnastics, and dance as well as laughter and fun can be heard in this NEW 14,000 square foot facility from children to young adults of all ages.

Thunder Elite opened in March 2007 and grew and expanded into a NEW LOCATION in 2011 all in part of an extremely experienced and interactive staff, which we call the Thunder Elite Team. Thunder Elite provides a rewarding and enjoyable experience while building self-esteem. They help each child strive to learn and perfect new skills at his or her own pace.

Thunder Elite currently competes extensively in cheerleading, gymnastics and hip-hop dance and is the ONLY gym in Bryan/College Station to have cheer teams invited to compete at "The Summit," the most prestigious and elite competition you can compete at.  Thunder Elite prides itself in teaching TEAMWORK and making every minute fun, whether that is through hard work in class or just participating in the many other activities offered.

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3:45 pm Preschool Gym
4:30 pm
Preschool Gym
Kinder Gym
Beginner Tumble
Beginner Cheer
Int./Adv. Tumble
5:30 pm Tiny Gym
Preschool Gym
Kinder Gym
Beginner Tumble
Beginner Hip Hop
6:30 pm Preschool Gym
Kinder Cheer
Kinder Gym
Beginner Tumble
Beginner Cheer
7:30 pm Int. / Adv. Tumble
Flyer Class